This is a pivotal moment in the evolution of our planet.

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We’re being invited to show up with open hearts to co-create a world that thrives on Love.

But what does that mean on an everyday practical level?

How do we receive the emotional and spiritual nourishment we need to play our part in creating a better world?

Welcome!  I’m here to help you to deepen your connection with the sacred so you can live your life feeling the vast love in your heart, the deep wisdom of your Soul and the creative magic in your life. I work with flower and crystal essences to bring you emotional and spiritual nourishment from the heart of nature.

Join me for one-to-one consultations, professional flower essence training, live workshops in the North of England and online resources for living with love.

I invite you to:

♥ Explore free meditations and flower essence cards and booklets.

Experience loving transformation from 12 powerful flower essences with audio meditations, energy processes and PDF workbooks

♥ Work with me one-to-one to release unhealthy emotions, stories and patterns so you’ll experience more love, joy, presence, purpose and peace.

You are so precious. You are so loved. All is well.

“An alchemist is one who transforms everything with love” – Emmanuel